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Travelling Places In Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is one of its kind. With Salong valley, Kangra Valley and many more, the places offer a mesmerizing view to admire and gives an ultimate chance to enjoy adventurous sports like trekking, river rafting, mountain climbing, skiing etc. Being at great height above sea level, the places around this northern state is usually cold unlike other places of India. People love visiting here during vacations. The most famous places people usually travel to are treks like Kheerganga, Tosh, Kasol, Triund etc. The natural beauty these places offer is worth every effort one takes to reach at the top. Billing is known to be a national spot for paragliding.

Every small town

Himachal Pradesh is full of various monasteries. Every small town, village have to the least one monastery. These monasteries are a true artefact of architecture creativity and religious sculptures. You would find a way to eternal peace and calmness here. The positivity surrounded in these monasteries have a healing power for confusing minds.

The glacier melts are the causes of water flowing through the middle of the valleys giving out a mesmerising view and feel. People who trek to the peaks of heights, enjoys the journey too. On the way, you might get to meet the beautiful and interesting travelling partners. What would be more fascinating than listening to the experiences of passing by strangers? There is a great saying, ‘The journey is more beautiful than the destination’, and it stands true about all these beautiful treks.Though the places do not require a permit usually, but if you are non-Indian citizenyou might need a Protected Area Permit to visit Spiti valley. Spiti valley is also known as mini Ladakh.

 best destination

Himachal Pradesh is the best destination to visit during the summers from month February to June mid. The northern state of India offers the pleasant weather to enjoy the places. The weather gets very chilly during winters and towns might witness heavy snowfall resulting road-block many times. Hence, you must plan your trip accordingly and if still want to continue to the adventurous cool trip, must essentially carry heavy winter wears. The monsoons here are very risky to travel. Being located on heights, the towns and highways are in usual threat of landslides due to heavy rainfall. The narrow roadways and troublesome path becomes weary and slippery, witnessing many unfortunate accidents and hence, suggested to avoid travelling during such monsoon times. The diverse trails of lush green mountains become both easy as well as challenging to explore.