Travelling Tips

Travelling is the most interesting and fun thing people usually enjoy. Travelling is never about just reaching the destination and reverting back to our places, it counts everything that comes even closely related from experience, to stay, the food and the people you meet all around. While you plan a trip, you start the process quite a while from the time you have to leave. You get your reservations done, book the tickets and try to sort the itianary and start packing your travel bag. There might be some plus and minus from the list but these are the usual things people take care about, before they take off on an amazing journey. A trip is like a box full of memorable moments and experiences. When this box opens up, you cannot easily be done with it, as the precious nostalgia it carries along is not something you can ever help out.

When you try to plan a trip so fine, you hope things to go your way in a positive manner and hence you must take care of few things if not cared about, might become that one minus you would not wish adjoin along. The few things listed are:


The budget plays a major role in deciding important factors of your trip. No matter how hyped you might be about travelling around the world, you have to take your pockets into considerations. You might have to plan your whole itianary according to your budget. There are certain packages which provides low budget touring, when you have a budget hinderance.

Duration of the trip

You might want to live amidst nature life long, but with work, house and other responsibilities you have to accept the fact, you have to get back to real world. Duration can be a major factor that plays a role in forming the itinary of your trip. The budget is stretched whenever you try extend the duration of your trip. Both of these factors are proportional to each other.

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Purpose of the trip

There might be a main reason to plan a trip like; you want to escape from your hectic schedule, you have to plan a business trip, you just want to visit the place because you adore it too much, you are curious to live amongst the habitat of a particular place, for research and developments purposes etc. The purpose of the trip is a factor which modulates the itianary as per the requirement.

Your travel companion

When you travel with the purpose of work, your travel companions are usually your office colleagues, unless you have to choose the companions yourself, there is nothing you can help much but have to adjust with the people professionally even when you do not like anyone in person. But when you plan a trip for fun you choose the companions you are most comfortable with, and with whom you know, will have very much fun.

Travelling Places In Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is one of its kind. With Salong valley, Kangra Valley and many more, the places offer a mesmerizing view to admire and gives an ultimate chance to enjoy adventurous sports like trekking, river rafting, mountain climbing, skiing etc. Being at great height above sea level, the places around this northern state is usually cold unlike other places of India. People love visiting here during vacations. The most famous places people usually travel to are treks like Kheerganga, Tosh, Kasol, Triund etc. The natural beauty these places offer is worth every effort one takes to reach at the top. Billing is known to be a national spot for paragliding.

Every small town

Himachal Pradesh is full of various monasteries. Every small town, village have to the least one monastery. These monasteries are a true artefact of architecture creativity and religious sculptures. You would find a way to eternal peace and calmness here. The positivity surrounded in these monasteries have a healing power for confusing minds.

The glacier melts are the causes of water flowing through the middle of the valleys giving out a mesmerising view and feel. People who trek to the peaks of heights, enjoys the journey too. On the way, you might get to meet the beautiful and interesting travelling partners. What would be more fascinating than listening to the experiences of passing by strangers? There is a great saying, ‘The journey is more beautiful than the destination’, and it stands true about all these beautiful treks.Though the places do not require a permit usually, but if you are non-Indian citizenyou might need a Protected Area Permit to visit Spiti valley. Spiti valley is also known as mini Ladakh.

 best destination

Himachal Pradesh is the best destination to visit during the summers from month February to June mid. The northern state of India offers the pleasant weather to enjoy the places. The weather gets very chilly during winters and towns might witness heavy snowfall resulting road-block many times. Hence, you must plan your trip accordingly and if still want to continue to the adventurous cool trip, must essentially carry heavy winter wears. The monsoons here are very risky to travel. Being located on heights, the towns and highways are in usual threat of landslides due to heavy rainfall. The narrow roadways and troublesome path becomes weary and slippery, witnessing many unfortunate accidents and hence, suggested to avoid travelling during such monsoon times. The diverse trails of lush green mountains become both easy as well as challenging to explore.



Tips For Your Travelling Expedition

Every person sometimes needs an escape from the hectic life schedule, work and others. Planning to get off on a trip can be for many reasons like, you want to spend some time with your family, travelling and exploring new place, you want to explore the heights on your own and want to enjoy the adventurous sports, you want to relax beach side while sipping on some beer and dipping in the pools of your favourite restaurants. There can be many purposes, but in the end the motto served is eternal. The memories you collect form a single trip is collectively more precious than all regulars. There are certain things you must take care when you plan your trip. You must take care of the budget as, you cannot plan things without knowing how much you are spending and if it is possible for you to afford it or not.

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The budget includes estimations right from the time you leave your place to the time you get back. The cabs, travelling tickets forth and back, stay, food, package charges etc. You cannot stay on a vacation life long, and hence, the other important factor is duration. Duration of the trip and budget are equally proportional. The more days you stay, the more you have to pay for another day’s stay, food and more. Duration also moulds the itianary of your trip as per the schedule. If you have 3 days trip planned, you plan on visiting places as per the time you acquire and hence try to plan accordingly. Extending a trip can be very exhaustive as you would have to cancel the tickets and get them done again, while fighting through the availability. You must make sure, staying longer is worth the pain you might have to go through.

much snow

You must do some homework, before sorting down things to final. You must look at the weather forecast as nothing spoils the mood on a trip more than a bad weather and hence you must be prepared for the risks that might end up your way. Also, you must make sure the place you are visiting is welcoming enough during the durations you have time. If you do not want road blacks and too much snow becoming a hinderance in your trip, do not plan a trip to Himachal during winters. If you do no want to stuck because of any landslide, avoid mountain trails during monsoons. Hence, look for the best time to visit the place, before you plan further. You must also look for the best way to reach the place, if it is by roads, rails or by air. Time is equivalent to money. If you plan to visit Himachal coming from Bangalore by rail, it would be very time exhausting and hence must rather choose a flight to the closest airport, and then continue the journey by road.

Things You Must Know When You Plan To Travel

There are many times when you are bored and tired with the hectic work schedule. What could be a better escape than planning a trip? You can plan a trip as per your preference. If you are a nature lover and love playing adventurous sports, then you can go to hilly places where you can enjoy river rafting, trekking, camping and more. If you want to just relax and spend some quality time on a beach, enjoying sun bath while sipping on some beer than what can be a better place than Maldives, Mauritius and similar amazing places where you can get the world’s best beach houses, resorts, environment you seek and luxurious cuisine.

The type of a trip you plan will depend up on many factors like the budget, duration, etc. Like, when you plan a hippie trip, your major focus is on travelling, and sport while stay and food are primary. The budget you consider while planning such trip would be comparatively less than, while you plan a trip to Mauritius, unless your purpose to travel is for research and development. When you plan a relaxing trip, you generally prefer a luxurious stay and cuisine, which comparatively costs high. The other factors that depends on the budget is, how you travel. You might want to catch a flight which is more expensive when you opt for a journey by rails. These are various factors, which depends on your choices and spending limits.

The other major factors according to which you must mould your trip are:

Climatic conditions

In general, we know that travelling to Himalayas in monsoon is a risky deal and must be avoided in usual. You must therefore, check the weather forecast before you take off to any planned trip. This helps taking a risk factor into consideration. You must also take care of the geographic locations. Great heights are usually problematic to Asthmatic patients and hence, must always take care of the precautions.


Where to eat

When you travel to a new place, unless it is included in a package you are clueless of where you can have a small meal. You must do some homework in that case. Talking to people usually helps out in such cases, familiar places are suggested from family and friends and these places can be easily trusted. You can alternatively take the ratings and review features of Google.

 spending limits

Best way to commute around city

While you are in a city where public transports are provided and can be taken easily, you must not waste your money in cabs and rather catch a metro or city bus to travel. This would save you a lot many grands than you know.